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Chatillon is part of AMETEK Test & Calibration Instruments business units. AMETEK acquired Chatillon in 1997. Chatillon is a manufacturer of weighing solutions with a technological background that goes way back to its foundation in 1835 in New York. The Chatillon products have always had a solid reputation in the market and the Chatillon Dial Scales line is not an exception to the rule.

Chatillon Dial Scales are designed and manufactured to meet and exceed all the requirements of accuracy, durability and general performance of the market. Most of the Chatillon products have a target in production and quality control applications.

Through the years Chatillon Dial Scales have been a leader line of products providing precision weighing solutions to a wide range of applications.

Some of the products manufactured by Chatillon Dial Scales that we have in stock here in are:

Chatillon Dial Scales 1300 Series Hanging Scale Autopsy (9 kg, 15 kg)

This is a high accuracy product with a wide recognition in the clinical and medical field. It has presence in laboratories, hospitals, and universities. The chrome-plated steel and 13 inch glass construction make this a very reliable and resistant product. The stainless steel pinion and the bronze rack reduce friction in the scale mechanism.

Chatillon Dial Scales BD Series Hanging Scale Bulk (200 lb, 400 lb)

This is a rugged high resistant product ideal for farm applications, warehouses, and industrial plants. It features a cast-iron housing with a 7 inch anodized aluminum dial. The weighing mechanism features precision steel springs factory-calibrated.

Chatillon Dial Scales BP13 Series Bench Platform Scales (25 lb to 520 lb)

This is a quality bench dial scale for platform use. It features a rugged cast iron base with steel platform (stainless steel platform also available). Also adjustable feet help to level the product. Another important and highly desirable aspect of the Chatillon BP13 is its Legal for Trade rating. The product is H44 Class III.

Chatillon Dial Scales Century Serie Hanging Scale 7-Inch (20 lb, 40 lb)

This product offers a very reliable and high accuracy solution at an affordable price. The product features steel inner frame and corrosion resistant housing. The glass covered 7 inches dial comes in single or dual dial options.

Chatillon Dial Scales MD Series Hanging Scale Milk (60 lb)

This high accuracy Dial Scale has two pointers, one for tare indication and the other for gross weight. It features chrome-plated hook and loop. This product is ideal for Dairy Farmers.

All the Chatillon products included the Chatillon Dial Scales products exhibit great characteristics like quality, reliability, dependability and accuracy. These products can meet a wide range of applications and meet all kind of budget restrictions and operation conditions.

Contact us for further information about these and other Chatillon Dial Scales products. We can provide technical guidance and information and work a solution that cover all your requirements and in the boundaries of your budget restrictions. The vast amount of products here in can apply to many technical and industrial fields.

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